Welcome To Pearian Bespoke

Thank you for visiting our blog. We at Pearian are in our third generation of fine bespoke menswear. Our story began in the 1940s, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Beirut, Lebanon. My grandfather had just come of age in a turbulent country, and sought to learn a trade to provide for himself and his future family. A chance meeting with a Parisian shirtmaker led to him becoming an apprentice in his Atelier, and allowed him to learn the craft of French bespoke shirt-making firsthand. Soon, he was managing and running the atelier himself, and providing beautiful shirts for discerning gentleman throughout Europe and the Middle East. Soon, he had a son who he raised in the atelier, teaching him the art of pattern-making and allowing them to practice on scrap fabrics and hone their skills.

Although the business was stable, the country was not. In the mid 1970s, Lebanon found itself in the midst of a bitter civil war. After nearly a decade of trying to wait out the conflict, my grandfather took his family and fled to the United States for their safety. They settled in Orange, California, and found work as a shirtmaker and tailor at a local shop. Soon, his experience and talent, combined with his son's drive and ambition led them to purchase the shop from the original owner, laying the groundwork for what would become the Pearian brand. In the meantime, I was growing up in the atelier as my father did, and learning in my own way the art of bespoke shirt-making and tailoring. Decades of steady growth and success later, we find ourselves eager to show our beautiful bespoke process to the world; confident that our passion and commitment to excellence have allowed us to create some of the finest garments in the world.

Whether you are a seasoned collector of bespoke garments or are just starting on your menswear journey, we have exciting content planned with you in mind. We will be covering topics relating to the history, style, production, and care of fine clothing. We look forward to sharing our passion with you and hope you enjoy the content that we have planned. Be sure to join our mailing list for the latest updates on new posts and promotions.